Dinner Debriefing: Geyser Brewing Co.

It’s our notion to eat lots of seafood on this trip, but we were prepared to make an exception for Cody, Wyoming – this is cowboy country, after all. We didn’t even arrive until after we like to eat, so we started trying to figure out where to go as soon as we got the luggage into the room. Mainly we use Trip Advisor, because it lists every restaurant in town and there are usually recent reviews. We liked the look of the Terrace Restaurant and Bar, which recently changed its name to Geyser Brewing Co. You can smell sulfur in the parking lot, so maybe there really is a geyser nearby.

The hostess asked if we were twenty-one (!) and suggested we sit in the bar to eat. We sat at a high-top and got a friendly older waitress. We like our waiters to be hired for their skills rather than their looks. To my surprise, there was only one steak on the menu, but two fish choices, including a nice salmon dish. Even though the place is a micro-brewery, wine is cheap. I ordered a glass of Mirassou Pinot Noir for $5 to go with the salmon. Then after the wine came, they ran out of salmon. Caroline said she’d drink it with her buffalo meatloaf, so I switched to the mahi-mahi and ordered a glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Reisling for $4. At about this time, we heard our waitress tell another table about some interesting specials that she forgot to mention to us. We flagged her down and changed our starter salads to Gazpachos. These were cool and refreshing, but Caroline thought it might give her heartburn if she finished it, so I got a cup and a half.

The buffalo meatloaf was very spicy in a chipotle kind of way (they cook each individual meatloaf, to order, in a convection oven – it takes twenty minutes). My mahi-mahi with mango salsa and rice was just a smidge overdone, but pretty good. The veggies were amazing. Wonderful grilled asparagus for Tim (take that, Enigma!), tender green beans and divine goat cheese mashed potatoes for Caroline.

She splurged on the Lemonade Cake, but was annoyed that it came heavily drizzled with blueberry sauce. Said the cake was good, but I was bemused that it cost more than a glass of wine. The bill was very reasonable.

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