Dinner Debriefing: Plonk

Don’t let the name fool you – this place believes in quality wine and food. Last time we went in, it was a wine bar with tapas, but now they have entrees as well as a big selection of appetizers. Naturally, they have a fine selection of wines, but more important, they have lots of nice wines that you can buy by the glass.

All the food is interesting and imaginative. Caroline started with a Crab Cake and found it very tasty, and not at all oily. I started with the Scallops and foie gras. Sounds weird, but it was a delicious combination. Check out the evening menu for all the exotic details on these dishes. Caroline contemplated the rabbit, but the salads looked really good, so she ordered the Chicken and Pear. Right amount of dressing, she said, and lots of lovely chevre. I thought I’d go for either the North Atlantic Salmon Roulade or the Seared Ahi Tuna, and our waiter recommended the salmon. Since I didn’t get to have salmon and Pinot Noir yesterday, I splurged on a glass of fine Soter Pinot from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Wine List: by the glass. Caroline started with a Lange Pinot Gris from the same area and loved that it wasn’t just a ‘deck wine’. She switched to a Hahn Chardonnay from California for her big salad. My Salmon dish was cooked to moist perfection.

Portions here are not big – one crab cake, two scallops and so on, so we both felt that we had room for dessert. You have to scope out their Dessert Menu because just saying Fruit and Nuts sounds like I had something ordinary; acutally, the almond tuile is like a taco basket made of brandy snaps. Likewise, Carolines poached pears were special – the ganache was like little hand-made chocolates.

Every now and then, we eat a meal so good that we wish we could leave the restaurant, hit rewind on our time machine and live the whole evening over again. This was one of those; evenings like this are why we’re foodies.

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