Dinner Debriefing: Hay J’s again

You may think we’re obsessed with this restaurant. Menu link. Supper last night wasn’t perfect, and yet we went again today. It was the right thing to do. To borrow a word from Lisa Simpson, tonight’s dinner was ‘transcendent’. I started with the crab cakes, which were crispy on the outside and spicy and tender on the inside. Caroline had the salad Ladieu, which has spring greens and grapes and goat cheese. It was more than she could finish, so I got to have a little of it to cleanse my palate before the main course. For wine, Caroline started with the 14 Hands Chardonnay while I chose the Stag’s Leap Chard for a little more money. We agreed it was worth it, and doubled down on a second glass of it to share. We kind of reversed our meals of last night, and Caroline had beef while I had fish. Except she chose the medallions of beef and I picked the Ahi Tuna that tempted me yesterday. She had a glass of the Robert Karl Cabernet with her red meat. The medallions come with a little Gorgonzola as well as Demi-glace and they were great. Even so, they were completely overshadowed by my Ahi Tuna. It was awesome. I shared a little with C, and she was overcome with plate envy. I’m not really a fan of Wasabi, or any serious form of mustard, actually, but the sesame ginger sauce was to die for. We shared a coconut cake again. All in all, the best restaurant meal I’ve had in months, maybe years.

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