Liberty Lake, WA to Prosser, WA

An easy day with only a few hours of interstate driving, so we had plenty of time for a walk. We went back to the same trail as yesterday, but instead of walking down the road from the hotel, we drove to the parking lot at the trail head. That let us enjoy more of the riverfront scenery. There were still lots of cyclists, but also more joggers.

There really isn’t much I can say about the drive, so let’s just fast forward to Silver Lake Winery. We made it our first port of call in the Yakima Valley because it has a nice patio for a picnic lunch. 

We were surprised at how many people were in the tasting room as there was only one car in the parking lot. Turns out you can tour wine country on horseback. I suppose that if you overindulge, the horse knows the way home, but I don’t know about the combination of heat, wine and constant lurching. After lunch, we checked in at the hotel and found that in fulfilling our wish for a ground floor room, they had given us a handicap suite. We found the bathroom rather awkward, so they have moved us upstairs and now we have a fancy suite with a kitchen. It costs more, but it’s very roomy. 

We paid a visit to Hogue Cellars and still had time to soak in the hotel’s hot tub and tonight we’ll be having a simple dinner at a Mexican restaurant we know.

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