Dinner Debriefing: Three Rivers Grill

We were the only people eating indoors, while the patio was crowded. It was really windy out there, and cooling off fast; they were breaking out the propane heaters before we left. 

Redneck dating tip: guys, if your lady friend has long hair, and you want to eat outdoors, don’t take make her hold her hair out of her face with one hand while eating with the other. Lend her your motorcycle helmet.

Three Rivers Grill. We could see what people were eating on the deck, and it looked good, but our food was disappointing. Caroline’s beet salad was okay, but had only a token amount of goat cheese. I’m smiling and nodding politely as she points out that horseradish actually goes quite well with beets, if you don’t have too much. Inside, I’m thinking, are you kidding me? I don’t like beets much and I despise horseradish. I’m not having it in any proportions!

My crab cakes were pretty good, but I’ve had better. My dinner was one of the night’s specials, Chinook salmon with corn relish and rice. It was mostly okay, but not very tasty, and one end of the fish had a rather powdery texture. The rice and vegetables were all just ordinary – not an interesting flavor on the whole plate. Caroline’s dinner was worse. The scallops looked and tasted oily, and the polenta was soggy. She didn’t eat much of it, and made a sandwich when we got back to our hotel. Our waitress had no other tables, but was not around much. When we were done, the bartender went and got her from the kitchen. We ordered the wrong wine, too. The wine list didn’t offer any food matching tips for the Cathedral Ridge Chardonnay, but we were hoping it was gutsy. Nope, it’s bright and fruity with fresh acidity. It might have gone well with Asian cuisine, but it was out of its element with our dinners.

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