Dinner Debriefing: Rancho Viejo

We used to go out for fancy dinners in Sisters, but one place was very fancy and pretty expensive, and another one went broke. So now we eat Mexican food at Rancho Viejo. (Couldn’t find a website for them) 

After putting up with me all day, Caroline needed a Daquiri. We’ve been here before, but tonight it was warm enough to sit on the patio, which was nice. The corn chips came with a Mexican slaw (Cilantro alert, Leanne) as well as the usual salsa. It was a bit breezy, but we won’t call it windy after Hood River. The food came quickly, and the plates were good and hot, so the food didn’t cool off in the evening air. Caroline had a combo of two fish tacos with one beef, while I had to have the Mexican burrito. It comes covered in shredded lettuce. Anything green has to be healthy, right? We’ll apply this standard to the Daquiri, too. Oh, and there was a wedge of lime in my beer. That’s green – totally healthy meal. Also very satisfying and tasty. No room for dessert, so this was a quick and affordable dinner.

Scoped out the Ski Inn for breakfast. Our waitress said they have a good turn-out for breakfast, and they open at 0600. Our hotel does offer a free continental, but it’s fairly basic and doesn’t start till 0700. We have a longer drive tomorrow, so an early start would be better.

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