Day in Missoula

A day off today, to poke around Missoula and do a little shopping. Started with a walk, of course. Drove to the University campus and walked the Kim Williams trail along the Clark Fork River. The path is level (it must be an old rail-bed, they left some of the signals standing) and today it was quiet because a light rain was falling. Met only a dozen people during an eighty minute walk.

We had lunch in our hotel room to use up some of our groceries and then afterwards we stopped in at the smoke-jumper’s center for a look at forest fire-fighting Montana style. 

Trip to the mall. I do not know how to make that sound exciting. We bought some shoes.

Spent some time in the whirlpool tub chatting to other hotel guests. A couple of guys touring hard on their motorcycles. No, they are not heading for Sturgis. They went through Yellowstone and like us, passed just inches from a bison on the road. They also saw one head-but a car. ‘It’s not like we can roll up our windows!’ one of them said. Also, the bison didn’t like the sound of his engine. 

Now we’re getting ready for dinner. Biga Pizza is supposed to be the best in town – authentic Italian style.

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