Dinner Debriefing: Rhombus Pizza

This is not Pizza Hut. These guys are serious about their pizza, yet also whimsically creative. Menu. My choice, the Wild Mushroom. It has mushrooms, obviously, more than one kind. It also has Alfredo sauce and carmelized onions. Delish. Caroline went out on a limb and ordered tonight’s special, the Rockadoodle Bleu. It had a bleu cheese white sauce base, Canadian bacon, chicken, regular bacon, tomatoes, red onion, bleu cheese crumbles and a drizzle of honey mustard sauce with more honey than mustard. Divine, I am told.

Just one problem – neither of us much cared for the other’s choices, so we ordered two separate small pizzas. What came was one small pizza, half and half. That meant there was blue cheese creeping across the border onto my side. We ordered a second small pizza, half mushroom, half Busey (ham and pineapple, basically). This last was disappointing. It lacked the originality of the others, of course, but was also kind of bland, with tasteless little tidbits of canned pineapple. Get fresh! 

They offered about a dozen different house wines by the glass or the bottle, but didn’t list prices. They were out of the 14 Hands Cabernet we wanted, and the substitute Rex something, which was cheaper, wasn’t as good.

My critical test of whether I rate a restaurant excellent is if we wish I could do the whole dinner over again. So, no. But it would have come very close if we had got what we ordered.

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