The Cursed Computer Returns

It’s baaack… and working. There is light at the end of the tunnel; my tablet PC is up and running and connecting to WiFi. Word, Scrivener and Kindle are reinstalled. Now I just have to restore my data and customizations.

Samanth Beiko, my freelance editor, has been nominated for an Aurora award for her debut novel, The Lake and the Library. It’s a YA story with elements of the supernatural. It will be fun having her edit my book; her voice is very different from mine. I’m totally pumped that she got nominated for such a prestigious award.

There is no Aurora for children’s books, so I will never get a look in the door. Sigh. But if my efforts at Self Publishing are a success, I will use my imprint to promote Science Fiction for middle grade readers.


So far, it’s just a dream. But when I started writing a book, that was just a dream, too.

I’m also beta reading my sister’s novel, Switching, Switching, about a woman who has very strange experiences after a plane crash. It’s not published, it’s still undergoing revisions.

I’m trying to find time to read The Forever Song, the conclusion to Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden trilogy. I don’t usually do vampires, but I bought the first two from Julie in person at Central Canada Lit Fest and liked them so much that I picked up the hard-cover of the final instalment almost as soon as it came out. My timing was divine, Forever Song was released just as I was finishing Eternity Cure.

I don’t usually read three books at once. My usual style is to devour books at single sitting, even if it takes all night. I may have to put two of them down and do that. The beta-reading is harder to speed through, because of the need to make comments and because the writing is less fully edited, so somewhat rougher. Yet that’s the author that might be waiting anxiously to hear how it went. I know that feeling – it can be paralysing.

On top of all that, I am insanely busy with one of my other blogs. The Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol is my seasonal project each Spring. For ten or eleven years, I have been taking aerial photographs of the lake where I live as the ice goes out and passing them on to cottagers who wish to know when the summer season will begin. I started sending them by email, and it grew into a set of public albums at PhotoBucket. This year I hit on the idea of doing it as a blog, and it has been a spectacular success. With two thousand hits a day, and new followers signing on at a rate of about one per hour, I have a lot of email to read and chores to do.

The lake will melt soon, and then I’ll have more time for reading and writing.

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