We had a quick and comfortable WestJet flight from Winnipeg to Ottawa yesterday evening, and this morning I did some exploring on foot. I can walk from our hotel, the Best Western Victoria Suites, to the Sheraton, where my convention is, in ten minutes. That frees up my schedule a lot.

With that out of the way, I strolled south along the Rideau Canal for half an hour and then returned to the hotel. It was cool this morning, so when Caroline said she’d like to go for a walk and get oriented, we put sweaters on. We shouldn’t have. By the time we had wandered north along Elgin to the Parliament Buildings for the obligatory ogling, we had to peel them off and carry them. Caroline picked up some food for tomorrow in Le Moulin de Provence at the ByWard Market, and then we came back along the canal and Elgin, stopping at Maxwells for an early lunch. Caroline had a duck confit panini with raspberry chipotle chutney. That’s fancy talk for a grilled cheese sandwich. I had the goat cheese and apple burger. Both were great. We found out it’s been snowing at home, with temperatures in Kenora hovering just above freezing. So I texted one of my co-workers this picture.

Locks on the Rideau Canal

Locks on the Rideau Canal

Today’s high in Ottawa is supposed to be a summery 23°C. It’s a lovely city, full of trees and squirrels and bicycles and buses.

I’ve put in at least two hours of walking today, so it’s time for a nap.

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