Dinner Debriefing: Luenig’s Bistro

We asked about the name. It’s from a favourite Australian cartoon of the owner. Downtown Burlington was busy, we parked a good six blocks away. Nobody told Dingbat that Church Street is a pedestrian mall now. No cars. Not even ones with GPSes that need their maps updated. If you just dropped in looking for the humorous post, that’s the previous one. I’m serious about food.

The food was worth the walk. It’s a mile and a half from our hotel in South Burlington, and the food would be worth that walk. Luenig’s Bistro¬†specializes in French cuisine, but they are not afraid of originality. I started with a pumpkin chowder so thick you could mound it up on your spoon. Wonderful taste enrichments from the bacon and corn. Caroline cheated and started with a cheese course. The waitress told us lots of people do that. It is Vermont, after all, and the Camembrie was lovely. This restaurant has a comprehensive winelist, including a good selection of wines by the glass or the half bottle. These days I’m more about quality than quantity, so I appreciate that. Caroline had a glass of Hook and Ladder Chardonnay with her cheese, and then we switched to reds for dinner. She picked a Trinity Oaks Merlot for her duck, while I chose to pair up the Louis Martini Napa Cabernet with my beef bourguignon. My dish was great, but Caroline’s cherry and cardamom duck took it to a whole new level for us. Crispy, with no fattiness, it was fruity and beautifully complemented by the baby spinach and spaetzle.

Some interesting desserts were available, but we were pretty full, and it had been a rich meal, so we called it quits and hiked back up the hill to the car.

One thought on “Dinner Debriefing: Luenig’s Bistro

  1. Looked at the menu before I read the dinner debriefing and predicted what I thought would be each of your entree choices. I nailed them both! As usual, my world is revolving around your daily blog. Safe travels and good eating.

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