Dinner Debriefing: Pizzeria Verità

We dithered about where to eat tonight. Parking in Burlington is a challenge, but the restaurants closer to us in South Burlington don’t offer much originality. We decided on Pizzeria Verità, and had an interesting meal. Service was good and food was quirky but mostly good.

We were probably dinerzillas. We couldn’t decide whether to order one pizza and some other dishes, or two pizzas plus a salad for me. We ordered a half carafe of the house Italian Red, a Piedirosso, and the server thought I wanted the Shiraz-Cabernet. I pointed at it on the list, and a second server brought the Shiraz-Cabernet. When the Piedirosso came, it was lovely. I like the lighter Italian reds, and it seemed a good bet for the Funghi Rustico pizza I was planning to order.

Caroline had a hankering to try the Burrata Antipasto. Fundamentally, this is foccacia bread with a soft cheese. Very soft. Remember the Monty Python Cheese Skit?

“We have Brie, but it’s very runny.”  “I like it soft.” “Sorry, the cat drank it.”

Like that. The Burrata resembled a soft poached turkey egg, white and wobbly to the touch. We broke through the skin and it flowed onto the plate. Not the weirdest looking thing I have ever eaten, but probably in the top ten. Unfamiliar appearance aside, it was delicious teamed up with fig jam and arugula. Caroline’s favourite course of the evening.

Salads. I had the Ensalata Mista, with the optional goat cheese. The salad was huge, and the goat cheese came in two little disks, breaded and baked. We do a similar salad at home, so that was nice. Caroline ordered the beet salad and did not like it. She had pictured salad with beets, but it was more like cooked beets with salad dressing. She didn’t eat much of it, and decided she had better order her own pizza after all.

Our server brought us more of the wonderful foccacia bread so we could finish the burrata, and when the pizzas came, even though we ordered them twenty minutes apart, they came together. I liked my Funghi Rustico, but Caroline didn’t. She thought the cheese a little too prominent. So it turned out just as well that she ordered her own, rather than counting on a piece of mine. She didn’t actually eat much of her Fig and Gorgonzola (with optional Prosciutto) but she said when you got a balanced mouthful, it was divine. The salty meat, the sweet fig and the intense Gorgonzola could all be overwhelming if you got a bite with just one, but all three together were very harmonious.

No room for dessert. Another six-block hike uphill to where we parked Mitsu.


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