Dinner Debriefing: The Roundabout Diner

Our original goal was a nice seafood dinner when we reached the coast. Our revised goal was a nice bowl of chowder for Caroline’s sore throat. We met both goals, but not in the way we expected.

Plan A was pick a seafood restaurant from a short-list of three places, but our late arrival saw us heading out for dinner in the dark, and parking was at least as bad as Burlington. After much searching, we found a dark and creepy parking lot a long walk from the restaurant. We weren’t comfortable with either the walk or the safety of the car. To be fair to Portsmouth, the parking lot may have been fine, but street lighting was non-existent, so it was really hard to tell what kind of neighborhood it was.

Plan B, we tried one of the other places. . . same problem, less calmness.

Plan C was to go back to the hotel and take a cab to dinner, but we’ve had disasters in the past where the cab never came and we had to bribe the waitress to take us home at closing time. So, no.

Plan D was eat at the Roundabout Diner. It’s adjacent to our Best Western, and it scored a Trip Advisor award of excellence. It looks like a diner, but it tastes better. You could have a burger or fish and chips… Or you could be us, and have a salad and the seafood special: charred mahi mahi with scallops and balsamic vinaigrette with asparagus and mashed potatoes (Tim) and the clam chowder followed by a lobster roll (Caroline). They make their own salad dressings and my vinaigrette was tasty. While Caroline says she is no chowder expert, I’ve had it everywhere, and from the one spoonful she spared me, this was a fine one! I thought my fish was slightly overdone, but the scallops were perfect. Despite naming this road trip Lobster Roll, neither of us has had one before. We think it was good.

Washed our dinners down with a William Hill Chardonnay from California’s Central Coast. All in all, this dinner was better than we had any right to expect. Good value.

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