Dinner Debriefing: The Chart Room

We were really tired tonight, so we just cruised four miles down the highway to try our luck at the Chart Room. It’s informal, but fast and friendly, and the food is pretty good. We had no reservation, but we were seated immediately in the porch or patio area. It’s a large room with a fabric roof, on the waterfront, I think, although it was too dark to tell. The hostess had to lead us outside and down the sidewalk to the separate entrance. To save time, she escorted three couples at the same time, and then distributed us to separate tables once we were there. Staff here wear khaki shorts, and it makes sense, because they’re moving pretty fast.

We had a fair idea what we wanted, so it didn’t take us long to order. Lobster stew and lobster newburg for Caroline, and clam chowder and one of the house specialties for me: macadamia crusted halibut with lobster sauce. Both entrees came with baby carrots and green beans, and we both chose rice for the side, which seemed to be a brown and wild mix.

The soup course was excellent. We tried each other’s and both were delectable. Caroline’s lobster was superb – I begin to see what all the fuss is about. My halibut dish was very good, too.

The house white at the Chart Room is Columbia Crest, but we opted for a bottle of A to Z Oregon Chardonnay. This is an unoaked white, and I wasn’t sure if it would stand up to the rich dishes, but it was actually a very good choice. Bright and fresh, it cut through the heavy cream sauces beautifully.

Too tired for dessert. Very reasonable bill for a seafood dinner with a bottle of wine.

Tomorrow, sleep in, do some chores, try to find a hiking trail in Acadia National Park, and maybe a little pool time – the outdoor pool is still open, and heated to eighty-some degrees.

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