Portsmouth, NH to Bar Harbor, ME

The sun has been toying with us, making it hard to get nice pictures of the fall colours. Our morning walk in  Portsmouth was bright and sunny, and took us to Prescott park, near the Memorial Bridge.

Dennet Street, Portsmouth, NH

On Dennet Street, Portsmouth, NH

Sailing barge at Prescott Park

Sailing barge at Prescott Park

There were two highlights on our drive today. The first was our picnic lunch, and the second is when I overruled Dingbat and got us lost.

We stopped at a supermarket to stock up on lunch supplies today, and chose seafood salad for a lunchmeat. Also, there was a salad bar to build your own take-out. The seafood subs we built were amazing, and the fresh strawberries and kiwi were wonderful, too. We ate them at Bath. The Visitor Information Center wasn’t scenic, but the lady there directed us just a few seconds down the road to a beautiful waterfront park with a picnic shelter and Adirondack chairs. Pictures didn’t do it justice.

In order to persuade Dingbat to guide us down the Coastal Highway rather than the Interstate, we asked him to route us via Camden. Choosing a city as a waypoint often has an undesirable side-effect – he insists on taking you right to City Hall, whether it’s on the road through town or not. Just before the turn-off to Camden, I reset the destination to Bar Harbor direct. Dingbat still wanted to take the turn into Camden, but wise to his ways, I drove straight ahead. Into a construction zone. After waiting to get through that, we had to backtrack down a country lane to get back on to the right highway, and yes, you have to go through Camden. However, the country lane was beautiful, so it wasn’t a total loss. I was tired of driving an hour before we got to Bar Harbor, so I’m glad we’re here.

For dinner tonight, we’ll try The Chart Room. Reviews on Trip Advisor are mixed, but our front desk clerk speaks highly of it.

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