Dinner Debriefing: Café Provence

Wow. This is not your average hotel dining room. Café Provence has a real chef, and he had to be talked into opening a dining room in a hotel. He seems to have understood the challenge, the menu has everything from comfort to creative.

Despite Caroline being fed up with lobster, she chose to start with seafood – the mussels. Our favourite place for mussels at home went underwater this spring, so she’s in withdrawal. They were good. I chose the spinach salad with balsamic and so on. The twist? That asiago cheese is cooked into a melted sheet and formed into a basket, like a taco salad, but way, way yummier. Once I’d had that, I knew I was in good hands. Caroline debated the pork tenderloin, but chose the pulled pork sliders, and loved them. I had the filet mignon with peppercorn brandy sauce. I’ve never had a better one, and I’ve had many. Best thing about it? Some real pepper heat, which is often overlooked.

Wine: wanted the Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon, because Sonoma. They don’t have it any more. Their replacement is a Seven Falls Merlot from the Columbia Valley. Deep and lush. Most fun thing on the wine list is the Brandenborg Pinot Noir from the Umpqua Valley in Oregon. Not suitable for this dinner, but a lovely wine from a great little winery.

Treated ourselves to dessert tonight, the pumpkin cheesecake with pecan brittle. Ooh.

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