Freeport, ME to Waterbury, VT

We had a longer drive today, but what a lovely day for it. The sun shone, skies were blue and autumn colours were outstanding. Rather than take a direct route, we wandered through the White Mountains again, swinging by Mount Washington. It is a good thing we did not want to do the scenic drive to the top; a traffic cop was controlling traffic at the intersection where it begins, but the line-up was nearly a mile long. Trailheads for the better known hiking trails were also overflowing with cars, so our peaceful walk at the Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary now seems to have been a wonderful idea.

That was a short walk, just forty-five minutes. We did not see a flying squirrel. I will add them to my list of critters that continue to elude me, along with grizzly bears and sasquatch. At every river crossing, I take a good hard look from the bridge.

The entire town of North Conway was one enormous traffic jam until we made it past the Farmer’s Market. Like Kenora on a summer Wednesday, but six times as long.

We did find the covered bridge in Jackson.

They're everywhere!

They’re everywhere!

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

20141012_111241Took this from our picnic table.

Caroline is thinking of revising our dinner plans. We had a reservation in town, because long weekend, but the restaurant in the hotel looks very nice and would not require any driving.

Matt from the front desk somehow forced my tablet to recognize the WiFi here, and we’re up and running again. I just jammed all three pictures in together, because we’re off for dinner at Café Provence on Blush Hill.

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