Waterbury, VT to Bennington, VT

The obvious place to go for a walk this morning would have been the cycle paths at Stowe. There are more than five miles of paved trail running along the river, and even a ‘quiet path’ for walkers and joggers only. However, we slept in and the eighteen minute drive to Stowe (each way) would have killed more than half an hour without a single step being taken. We chose to get back on schedule by sticking to the guest breakfast and walking up Blush Hill from our hotel. It was frosty this morning, but the early sun was shining. In twenty minutes, we were in farmland.20141013_065743[1]

Then into Mitsu to go over the hills and through the woods. The hills being the Green Mountains – we ran south all the way along Vermont highway 100. I feel a need to say that this is not a highway. It is string of country roads that  happen to share a number. Every ten miles or so, there is a right-angle turn at an intersection, just to stay on VT100. We programmed Dingbat with a couple of strategic waypoints so that he wouldn’t revert to the shorter route along the major highway, and I think we had to ‘detour’ him once or twice before he gave up and stuck to our winding road. Taking the country roads added about half an hour to the day’s run.

The sky turned cloudy early on, so although the fall colours were at their peak, they were not very photogenic. Parts of the drive through the Vermont countryside were lovely, and we saw two covered bridges, but did not stop. There were roadside stalls selling maple syrup. We thought it too cold for a picnic lunch and decided to have our first hot lunch since leaving Ottawa a week ago. The place we found at noon was a popular stop for tour buses, so we drove on a little longer to eat at the New American Grill in Londonderry. Eager to break out of our sandwich and salad rut, Caroline chose today’s special, a cheeseburger quesadilla, while I had the burrito with flank steak. Far from the cheesy grease bomb found in some Tex-Mex restaurants, this burrito was long on salad and black beans, easy on the rice and cheese. The restaurant had quite a good wine list, but we stuck to water. $10 off the price of bottle wine on Wednesdays, though!

Arrived in Bennington before 1500, but our room was already available, so we checked in. If it had not been, plan B was to do a side-trip to save time tomorrow, but the run from here to Lake Placid is not a long one, so we’ll visit Arlington on the way there. We have two nights in Lake Placid, so it’s not as if we’ll be pushing hard.

We have no reservations for dinner, or even a prepared short-list of restaurants. We shall see.

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