Got up way too early this morning and played with my blogs. Went back to bed twice and still made it down for breakfast at 0800. Caroline decided that she likes the little beach cabana so much that she will rent one every day. It saves you playing musical chairs at the pool, and the one we have has an electric outlet for our gadgets.

Saw three real parachutists land on the beach today, not tourists on parasails.

Besides pool loafing and blogging, our activity today was to walk downtown. It took us about an hour to walk to the south end of the malecon, so next time we might bus part way.  As we are still aspirin white, we were offered free drinks, tours, and directions by condo pimps. It helps being able to say no thanks in Spanish, as this suggests you have been here before.

We have a friend planning a visit here in January, and she wanted a report on the Holiday Inn. We had a hard time finding it, even though we were sure it was between our hotel and the Sheraton.

The newest thing on the malecon was the sight of a guy flying a drone. I spotted his strange remote control first, with his ipod attached. Then I found the drone which was very quiet, at least compared to Mexican traffic. It didn’t seem to bother the frigate birds, either.

Arrived at the Cathedral in time for the 1700 bell ringing, and you could actually see the guy heaving away in the bell tower. Then we noticed the crosswalk signs. They rock here. The little walking man icon is animated, and when there are ten seconds left, he breaks into a trot. When there are five seconds left, he runs for his life. At the end of the countdown, he switches to a red person standing still. Or lying on the pavement in a pool of blood, I’m not sure. The bus drivers do seem rather impatient.

Rather than tackle another hour of walking, we cabbed back to the hotel and asked our driver to point out the Holiday Inn. It’s just blocks from our Hilton, on the other side of the nearest river. It is set back some distance from the road, so we couldn’t see much detail.

On our return, our room key-cards failed to operate, and we had to go down to the front desk and get fresh ones. That made us feel right at home. I must have electric pockets or something, because this happens to me a lot.

Spent some time today playing Guess Who Speaks Spanish. This is harder than it sounds, as there are lots of guests who are Mexican, and many more who could be. Given my habit of greeting perfect strangers, this game takes on overtones of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I’m breaking even.

Dinner was kind of so-so tonight. The stated theme was International, and the hot line included fish soup, Beef Wellington, Chicken Cacciatore, Fish in Caper Sauce, Mushroom in a White Wine Sauce, and Pork or Salmon from the Grill. Should have had the salmon, but hadn’t seen it when I took some of the Beef Wellington, which had been cooked to the doneness of pot roast. Best course was the cheese plate we finished with. The wait staff are baffled by our habit of dining slowly and taking a series of separate courses,  but they do their best to humour us. And they understand my mangled Spanglish. I used to be halfway fluent, but now I don’t even realize how badly I’m embarrassing myself until they’re gone.

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