PVR 5.0

Back on schedule. Caroline was hungry this morning, so for the first time we were downstairs for breakfast at 0700. The coffee was a bit better, so I took that as a good sign.

We tried to walk to the Marina today, but it was further than we thought. After half an hour, we were within sight of the statue of Neptune that marks the entry, but there were still several blocks of bad sidewalk between us and him, and much further to go to reach the boats, so we turned back. The cruise ship docks are just a couple of blocks from our Hilton, and Holland America’s Veendam was in port today. We did find the hair salon that the staff here attempted to direct us to the other day, so Caroline set up a noon appointment to get her hair washed and straightened there. She liked it better than the last place.

After catching up on blogging and sunning, there was napping.

We decided to dress up for dinner, as Christmas Eve is when Mexicans do most of their celebrating. Sure enough, the hotel staff staged an abbreviated version of the ritual of Joseph and Mary seeking an inn. If you are curious, I’ll follow this post with a full account of a Christmas we spent with a Mexican family here a few years ago.

The dining room menu was a mix of two cultures, with both seafood dishes and turkey on offer. We split, with Caroline going for poultry while I focused on fish. Our instinct to dress well was a good guess, lots of the children at dinner were wearing their best clothes. There were preparations for a Christmas pageant in the lobby, but we headed upstairs.

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