Prose and Cons: KeyCon 32

Spent some time this afternoon cleaning up “Far Gone” for The story is about an interstellar crew who have to make terrible sacrifices on their long journey to preserve humanity and right a wrong. Their editor has asked for only three little changes. I don’t know whether to feel delight or despair. I just reread their 30th issue, and the standard of writing is impressive. It is hard to believe I belong in issue 31, but I thought I better get the edits done today, because…

KeyCon 2015 is coming up this weekend. Winnipeg’s SF convention has lots of goodies for writers, and I am getting to know a number of the Winnipeg authors. I plan to tag a few of them for Blue-Pencil sessions so that I can get feedback from people whose writing style I know. And say hi, of course. This time I’ll take short stories, which may be easier to absorb and critique in the limited time slots. I have a handful that I should be sending back out, and some feedback might be good. In addition to my Winnipeg friends, there are guests of honour, including David Weber and Elizabeth Moon, that I’ve actually read, and not just in a frenzy of preparation.

As usual, I’ll be trying to tweet and blog the whole thing from my tablet. That will be hectic, because I also have to fit in daily walks, two dinners out, some convention time with my brother and a little book brainstorming with Lindsay Kitson. On top of all that, I hope to update my travel blog with restaurant and hotel reviews. Good thing Lake of the Woods thawed on schedule this spring and my third blog is all done for the year. The next person who says I should resurrect my FaceBook page will get a deer-in-the-headlights look and a mumbled Rain Man response complete with distressed body-rocking.

I’d better post this and get back to stuff like laundry and packing and print-outs and registration forms.

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