Shiny New Parts

In my previous post, I touched on some new health issues. Before moving on to more interesting things, I’ll just update briefly. I have two stents now.

Too brief? Okay, I had some coronary arteries that were more than 90% blocked. Learning this was a blow. I have been eating sensibly and exercising well for a couple of years now; until last month, I thought my health was excellent. Rather than face a long recovery from open heart surgery, I opted for the balloon angioplasty, even though it would not be a straightforward case.

The long and complex procedure led to me staying the night in hospital, but my recovery is going well. Within days I was walking vigorously again, up to nine kilometers, and feeling good. As a science fiction kind of a guy, I’m cool with being slightly more cybernetic than before. Sadly, my new cobalt-titanium parts will not trigger metal detectors. Pfff.

The lengthy procedure does mean I was exposed to a lot of radiation. When it comes to stuff like radiation and medication, cardiologists like to say, “The benefits outweigh the risks.” They think if they can keep your heart beating, everything else is small potatoes. They have a point.

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