Some time ago, I started to find running three blogs difficult. At one time, it made sense to keep my travel diary separate from my writing blog, but lately my travels have been to SF conventions, so keeping the two apart was a bit arbitrary. So now both blogs are combined.

They are merged chronologically. If you scroll down (or page back, depending on your browser settings) you can see all the content of Tim’s Road Noise below. If you weren’t acquainted with it, that blog was mainly about road trips to Washington and Oregon, and occasionally California. The emphasis was on food and wine. Winter vacations to Mexico occasionally appeared, and sometimes weekend trips to Winnipeg.

All future posts concerning travel, food, wine, restaurants, road trips, SF conventions, writing workshops or whatever will be here, under the Timothy Gwyn Writes banner. I will try to use effective tags and categories to help readers find what interests them. I won’t be offended if people read some posts more than others.

My third blog, Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol, will remain separate. It’s an entirely different animal, being more of a public service than a personal journal. It’s only active between March and May, as it is exclusively about the spring thaw in Kenora’s cottage country.

On the whole, I’m happy to quit drawing a line down the middle of my life and say this thing was about writing, and that thing was about travel. One day, if I become massively famous, I’ll have to figure out how to stop hordes of autograph hounds from dogging my every restaurant visit. That would be a terrible problem to have. I might have to stop pre-announcing my dinner plans and just do the write-up afterwards.

Tech details: since both blogs were on WordPress, I just exported Road Noise and saved the resulting file. Then I imported it here and waited for the WordPress elves to do their thing. I have removed the link from this page to Road Noise.

Still to do: decide which theme works best, or consider a new one. Simplify my web page to reflect the merger. One day, I may even install an automatic redirect on Tim’s Road Noise.

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