Dinner Debriefing: Blumen Bistro

The full name of this restaurant is the Blumen Garden Bistro. Located just a mile up the road from our B&B, this smallish place offers large helpings of imaginative fare.

Our table wasn’t quite ready when we got there, but we barely had time to sit at the bar and look over the menu before we were seated. The walls were decorated with pictures by local artists, and that community commitment carried over to the wine list, too, with many wines from Prince Edward County on offer. Sorry, the winelist isn’t on the Bistro’s website.

There were a number of things that sounded good on the menu. I narrowed it down to the pork tenderloin or the scallops. The waiter didn’t offer much in the way of guidance, so I went with the scallops. In case it was a lighter meal, I looked for a hearty starter, and chose the duck crepe. Caroline did the reverse, starting with the house salad and picking the rabbit and gnocchi dish for her entree.

We both chose to drink local wines which were available by the glass. I had a Chardonnay from Closson Chase, Caroline a Pinot Noir from Rosehall Run. I can’t find tasting notes at either winery’s website. The Chardonnay struck me as brassy, rather than fruity on the nose. Caroline said she liked the finish on it. The Pinot was robust, with some earthier notes. I hope to get to both of those wineries for a tasting soon.

And now, back to the food. We were hungry, so the bread with herbed oil was very welcome. The seed bread was especially good.

Caroline’s salad was big. I got to help her eat it. Kind of Waldorfy in concept, it had pecans, apples and local Black River Cheddar on mixed greens. Very nice. My duck crepe was huge. A broad cylinder nearly the size of my fist, it would have easily made a meal for Caroline. It was like a shepherd’s pie of duck: filled with corn, peas and dark duck meat, wrapped in the crepe and finished with a rich brown gravy. Delicious.

My scallop dish was interesting, with lots of distinct flavours, including lime, snap peas and mushrooms. It was okay, but it would have been nicer on a hot summer day on the terrace. I would order something else next time. Caroline’s duck dish was amazing. The kitchen make their own gnocchi, and the rabbit was rich and tender in a kind of a hunter sauce. It was a wonderful dish for a chill autumn night. Even with my help, she couldn’t finish it. It didn’t seem practical, but we would have loved to take the leftovers home.

There is a dessert cart, but it was out of the question, we were both too full. Caroline had noticed a pineapple upside-down cake on the October feature menu, but knew she couldn’t eat more than a forkful.

Great dinner. I recommend this restaurant.

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