Sandbanks Provincial Park

Today’s weather was nice in Prince Edward County, so our priorities were walking and leaf-peeping. After a lovely breakfast at Brown’s Manor, we drove to Sandbanks Provincial Park for a walk on the beach. The park is winding down for the season, with some areas closed and gated, but we were able to get to the trails and beach on foot.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks Provincial Park

There were some footprints, but we didn’t see another human in over an hour on the beach. The sand is quite firm, so we put in over seven kilometers in hiking boots without trouble. Saw some seagulls, quite a lot of geese, and a dozen or so of whatever these are.


Dunno. Vultures?

There are still some fall colours.

Pretty sure these are trees.

Pretty sure these are trees.

That took until lunchtime, so we had Dingbat take us to Wellington and had lunch at the Tall Poppy Cafe. They had two soups on: Caroline had the Curry Lentil, and I had the Roasted Red Pepper Tomato. Lunch is off the blackboard each day, and Caroline chose Chicken Salad on Ciabatta and I picked the Spinach and Swiss Quiche. I know what the book says; I don’t need advice on how to be a Real Man. I can hear my friends muttering, “too late now, anyway.” Lunch was good, and both my quiche and my soup were truly hot.

After lunch, we drove halfway across the county to see the Lake on the Mountain. It’s a geographic oddity, a deep spring-fed lake high above Lake Ontario’s Bay of Quinte. That took over twenty minutes. When we first planned this visit, we thought of staying in a different B&B each night, then we realized that they were, if not within walking distance of one another, close enough to ride a bicycle to.

After that, back to Brown’s Manor for a rest. For dinner tonight we will walk to the Merril Inn in Picton. Dinner Debriefing later.

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