Dinner Debriefing: Agrarian

We found a parking spot on the street just steps away from Agrarian. It was a wet and windy night, so that was fortunate.

The wine list isn’t long, but does feature some local wines as well as a few international ones. After ruling out wines that we already tried on this trip, we chose a bottle of Cabernet Franc from Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery. There was also a Gamay from the same winery, but our server seemed to think the Franc would go better with the duck.

Our dinner started well. Caroline was still in the mood for greens, and began with the house salad. I was feeling the cold, and ordered the soup, which was a corn chowder today. It was very nice, and I was offered bread and butter with it, slices from a nice fresh baguette.

I was tempted by the tuna dish, but it sounded like something more suited to a summer day, so we both chose the duck confit with plums. Both of us found it uncomfortably salty. I ate most of mine before deciding to stop, which put our server in an awkward position. She offered to get me something else, but I didn’t want to eat another whole meal. Dessert would have meant violating my sugar guidelines as well as my salt ones. There was a cheese tray, but it was a mild cheddar, a water buffalo cheese and a blue. I’ve never acquired a taste for blue cheese, and my first exposure to water buffalo cheese this afternoon didn’t leave me craving more. At this point, I realized I was probably coming across as the customer from hell, and we decided to retreat before we made life any more miserable for the folks there.

They were kind enough to reduce the bill on my dinner, and we were able to take the leftover wine home with us. (In Ontario, a restaurant must have a special clause on their liquor licence to allow this.)

All in all, Agrarian didn’t really work out all that well for us tonight. Your mileage may vary- I’ve grown accustomed to a low-sodium diet, and if you don’t mind the occasional dish that has some salt, you might like the duck just fine, or you could order something else.

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