Calgary to Kelowna

Up before dawn to fly to Kelowna for breakfast. Taxi late. Taxi went to wrong entrance. Taxi then drove past right entrance without stopping or looking to see if anyone was waiting in lobby. Grr.

Airport security, yeah well. Airport food, never mind. Forty-five minute flight to Kelowna fine. Once again, pilots unknown to me. We were sitting close to the wheels, so the landing was “authoritive,” at least by Caroline’s standards.

Car rental people very nice. Upgraded us to Mitsubishi RVR.

Dingbat at death’s door. His power connector had been damaged in the suitcase and he could not recharge properly. He’s old these days, and his battery life is measured in minutes. Panic sets in.

Struggled to drive RVR to hotel because A) mostly lost with Dingbat suffering blackouts, and B) transmission in sport position that required manual gear selection while wiggling Dingbat’s cord and begging him not to leave us.

Caroline got us checked in early, courtesy of very nice manager formerly from Thunder Bay. While she was doing that, I snuck the owner’s manual out of the glove box to find the secret unmarked gearshift position that provides fully automatic function on fancy constant velocity transmission. No one saw, so I may be able to keep my man card. It’s pretty tattered anyway.

Found replacement cord for Dingbat in Best Buy for $21. Don’t ask me how I found Best Buy. Dingbat restored to grouchy glory.

Visit to Quail’s Gate Winery. My trout was good, but everyone else’s lunch was just expensive. I do like a Chenin Blanc, though, and QG’s is quite nice.

Dinner with family. Delightful.


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