My Can*Con 2016 Schedule

The final schedule for this year’s speculative fiction convention in Ottawa is out, and there are no last-minute changes that affect me.

I’m doing a reading at 8:00 Friday evening with two other authors: Tim Carter, who writes what he calls Far Fetched Fiction for young adults and Ada Hoffman, who will be reading her flash fiction, “The Mother of All Squid Builds a Library”. Then I plan to spend some time at the Bundoran Press party.

Saturday I have no particular commitments, so I’ll be floating around, taking in some of the sciencier panels and a few readings. The Chi-Zine party is Saturday night.

Sunday’s schedule is short but tight. At 11:00 I have a Blue Pencil session with Ed Willett, and one with Susan Forest, then I have to dash downstairs, because…

At noon, I’m moderating a panel called Amazing Books in the Different Sub-Genres of SF. The panellists are Leah Bobet, who just won the Best Young Adult Novel Aurora for An Inheritance of Ashes; Lisa Toohey, who self-publishes and has a short story in Brave New Girls*; Jonathan Crowe, whose fanzine Ecdysis was short-listed for an Aurora in the Best Fan Publication category; and Amal El-Mohtar, who reviews Spec Fic books for National Public Radio and magazines like Lightspeed. I looked to see what Amal said about some of my favourite books, and she agrees with me about them- but does a way better job of explaining why.

The panel’s going to be a hoot, and I bet it’s going to savage my book budget.

*a book that I bought, read, and enjoyed at last year’s Can*Con.

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