Avians Blurb

In my last entry I wrote that my publisher wanted a scintillating blurb for the back cover of Avians, which Five Rivers plans to release in August of 2017. I mentioned then that I was working on something with short punchy sentences, and it turned out well, winning approval from Lorina.

Here it is:

Orphans. Runaways. Thieves. The Avians don’t ask questions about a girl’s past. Or her age. They need glider pilots, and the smaller the better.

Raisa is fourteen. Born to a line of powerful silk merchants, her rebellion against an arranged marriage is doomed. The Avians are her only alternative.

Mel is the young servant blamed for Raisa’s disappearance. She meets an Avian recruiter and seizes the chance to spite her employer.

When Mel and Raisa are sworn in with two other girls to form Blackbird squad, their simmering conflict undermines the whole team.

The flying is difficult, the discipline is fierce, and the older pilots don’t even bother to learn their names. The Blackbirds are starting to look like the weakest squad in years.

Then a deadly accident reveals the truth: only the best survive.

If I’ve piqued your interest, keep your eye on this blog; an excerpt from the beginning of Avians may appear here soon.

Footnote: my author profile is up at the Five Rivers website, confirming that Timothy Gwyn is the pen name of… well, go see.

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